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We will raise the competitiveness of your company’s and brand’s reputation

We will raise the awareness of your company to a new level

We will help you to differentiate your company from competitors

Marketing communication’s partner

We help you to increase the competitiveness of your company’s reputation. Our systematic approach to communication helps you to differentiate yourself from competitors. We help your potential clients to recognize and identify your company’s strengths.

Growth company’s partner

Recruitment is a long term process to increase your company’s competitiveness. Best people get the best results. We help you to get the best people interested.

Challenger company’s partner

You have a new angle to challenge market leaders. We deliver your messages to key audiences cost effectively.

We raise the competitiveness of your company’s reputation

70-80 % of the decision making has been already made before the first meeting between your salesman and the client. Until that moment all the decisions your potential client has made has been based on the intuitive impression of the reputation of your company against competing companies.

Your company’s reputation competes with other company reputations of your industry field.
In order to get the deal or employ a new skilled professional you have to be sure that your company is the one which wins the reputation contest. When negotations begin you have already confirmed your winning position.

What has all this to do with Harkonsalo & Vesa?

We are the company that helps you to achieve your reputation goals. Based on the measured client values, we will create and implement an effective communication strategy for you. It will differentiate you from competitors and give you the decisive reputation advantage.

We help, amongst others, the following companies to achieve their reputation goals: